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Arsenal Folding 36V, $1799.00 CDN

Arsenal Folding 36V eBike

Equipped with a 36V Lithium battery and a 350W motor, the Arsenal is ideal for those looking to sail gently across the road. With a steady output of 32 km/h and built-in pedal assistance, this product is ideal for the person who wants more of a bicycle style e-bike without the weight and size of the larger scooter models. It is foldable and light.

Battery:36v/10ah lithium
Battery life 800 charges
Charge Time:3-4 hours
Max Speed:32km/h
Range :30-50km
Max Load: 120kg
Gross Weight : 29kg
Tire Size : 26"x1.95"

Florence Fat Utility, $2599.00 CDN

Florence Fat Utility eBike

The Utility Fat Tire florence three wheel trike.

Motor: 500w
Battery:48v/20ah lithium
Battery Life: 800 Charges
Charge time:3-4 Hours
Max Speed:25km/h
Range:30-50 km
Max Load 120kg
Gross Weight: 35kg
Tire size : 20"x4"
Removable Battery

New Yorker Folding Fat Tire 36V, $1899.00 CDN

New Yorker Fat Tire 36V eBike

With oversized Kenda 20 x 4.0 fat tires! Comes with a 7 speed shimano gear set and can be folded to easily fit in your car, train or plane! The additional front shocks provides the rider with one of the smoothest rides for classic ebikes, while the adjustable LED headlight allows for visibility during the night. With the New Yorker Fat, go off road and traverse across sand snow and more with ease.

Battery: Lithium 36v/10Ah
Kenda 20 x 4.0 fat tires
Motor: 350w Intelligent Brushless
Charging Time: 3-6 Hours
Speed: up to 32 km/h
Range: 30 - 40km
Operation Mode: Single Pedal Assist & Throttle
Led front light rear reflector
Battery Meter
7 Speed Shimano Gear shift
Adjustable Handle Bar
Foldable frame
Disc Brakes

Paris Long Range 48V, $2399.00 CDN

Paris Long Range 48V eBike

Looking for a light ebike? The Paris Lithium is ideal for people who just want to cruise or to pedal once in a while. Made for those looking for the simplicity of a bike while still holding true to the convenience of an e-bike. This lightweight frame coupled with a peak performance of 32km/h is perfect for any situation; whether you are gliding down the street or traveling between locations swiftly. True for any of our Lithium products, the Paris Lithium is exceptionally lighter than most e-bikes available on the market.


Battery: Lithium 48V 19.2Ah
Wheel Size: 28" x 1.75
Motor: 500w Brushless
Charging Time: 3-6 Hours 120v
Speed: up to 32 km/h
Range: 40 km
Operation Mode: Multi Pedal Assist & Throttle
Led front light rear reflector
Speedo Shimano Gears
Adjustable Handle Bar Front Wheel Quick Release

Paris Orange 36V, Regularly $1599.00 CDN Sale price $1299.00 CDN

Paris Orange 36V eBike

The 36V Paris is a step through ebike that is simple to hop and ride and with it’s 19” frame, it is great for smaller riders. The 36V Paris also comes with and internal battery pack in the frame, giving it a more clean and elegant look. If you are still looking to get a bit of exercise the Paris 36V ebike comes with a 6 Speed Shimano Tourney TZ quick shift set to provide easy and seamless shifting between gears. It also comes with dual disc brakes for quick an effective stopping power, and front shocks for a smooth ride.


Motor 259w
Battery:36v lithum
Charge time 2-3 hours
Max Speed 30km/h
Range 30-40 km
Max Load 120kg
Gross Wieght 27kg
Tire Size 26"x1.95"

Vermont 48V, $2199.00 CDN

Vermont 48V eBike

The Vermont 48V is the perfect hybrid that combines a sleek mountain bike style frame with a powerful 500W motor and 48V 19.2Ah Lithium Ion battery pack. Take off in an instant with the throttle or choose between 1 of 6 levels of pedal assist to compliment your riding style. Keep up with your riding metrics with its crystal clear back lit LED display that tells you, your trip distance, speed, odometer and battery levels. With the Vermont 48V’s Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, come to stop within feet from when you pull them. Other features include adjustable shocks, removable battery pack, key ignition, and Shimano 7 Speed RapidFire Shifters and Derailleur

Motor: 500W
Battery Capacity: 48V/16ah lithium
Range: up to 30-40 km
Weight: 27kg Max Speed: 32 km/h
Dimension of Tires: 26"x1.75"
Front led light Rear Reflector
Speedo Shimano Gears
Adjustable Front Shocks
Front hydraulic disc brakes and Rear Disc brake

Vermont Enduro 48V, $2999.00 CDN

Vermont Enduro 48V eBike

Combine your love of trails and your love for power with Daymak Vermont Enduro electric bicycle. Remodeled from the Vermont to cater to those looking to climb mountain trails or go off-roading, but can use the extra boost of power on those really steep hills. With its 5 levels of pedal assist, choose just the right amount of power to help you conquer the trails you hadn’t dared to before. With its adjustable 7” travel shocks and rear 2.5” shocks enjoy one of the smoothest rides both on and off-road. And it still works great as a commuter bike, virtually ignoring the small pot holes and bumps. This powerful ebike is great for both the avid cyclist and the recreational one. 

Motor: 500W
Battery Capacity: 48V/10.4AH
Removable Lithium Ion
Range: 30 - 40 km
Weight: 66 lbs, 59 lbs without battery
Max Speed: 32 km/h
Dimension of Tires: 26"x2.5"
Front led light Rear Brake Lights
King Meter Full LED Speedometer
5 Levels of Pedal Assist
7 Speed Shimano Tourney Gear Set Adjustable
Front Shocks. 7" of travel 3.5" rear coil shock
Tektro disc brakes
19" Frame Size (ST)              

Wild Goose 48V, $1899.00 CDN

Wild Goose 48V eBike

This all terrain ebike commands whatever it needs to, with its 500W Bafang electric motor and 48V 10.4ah lithium ion battery pack. Whether its rain, snow, sand or the mountain trails the Wild Goose can take you there no problem. It also comes with adjustable front shocks and rear mounting rack to bring whatever you need with you off road. Choose from 5 levels of pedals assist on your LCD display or give it full juice with only the throttle. Join the wave of fat tire ebikes and its 26” x 4” tires.

Motor: 500W  Brushless Hub Motor
Battery: 48V 10AH Lithium Ion
Battery life: 800 charges
Brakes: Front and back disc brakes
Charger type: 48V 
Charger input: 110V 
Charging time: 3 - 4 hours
Max speed: up to 32km/h
Range: up to 40 km on throttle/ up to 80 km on pedal assist
Max load: 120 kg
Net weight: 40 kg
Tire size: 26" x 4"
Gauges: Battery level, speedometer, odometer, 6 speed pedal-assist mode, 7 speed Shimano torney Gearing system
Lights: Front LED- Rear reflector
Removable battery

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